Sebastian Golasch

The browser, the programmer and the Dalek


Sebastian Golasch: The Browser, the programmer and the Dalek from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


Sebastian Golasch works as a Senior Web Developer at the Cologne based agency denkwerk.

After some time developing backend applications with Java, PHP and Ruby he became a citizen of the JavaScript world.

For the last two and a half years Sebastian has been working on the development of cross platform JavaScript applications in the front and backend area.

In his spare time, he likes to contribute to open source software and advocates for a better understanding of JavaScript as the lingua franca of the Web.


UI testing has been around for years, but never been part of a hype, never made it into the daily workflow of most frontend devs, never has been seen as one of these things that makes our lives easier. Why is this essential tool in our chain treated like a misbehaving stepson?

In this talk we will answer that question, looking back to when it all started to go wrong, examine the current state and looking into the future and how we can bring the power of UI and e2e testing back to the people who build the frontend of the web.