Ole Michaelis

Automated deployments with robots


Ole Michaelis: Automated deployments with robots from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


After my traineeship at InnoGames I continued working there as a lead developer for a big social game. Next station was Digital Pioneers N.V. there I've done a lot of high tech protoyping and DevOps working with Symfony2, MongoDB, EC2, Scalarium, Redis, Node.js, CoffeeScript, statsd, metrics and other cool tech stuff.

After I left there I joined my current company Jimdo, here I try to bring in my knowledge in software quality and cloud computing. I really love all the new technologies from NoSQL and node.js to Metrics Driven Development and bringing cool tools and tech to my developer colleagues.

And I really really enjoy speaking at conferences, like I did on TakeOff Conference 2013 or FOSDEM 2013.


Continuous deployment is the high art of devops. So there are several ways to achieve this: many use a one-click deployment tool like 'Deployinator', or something self-written.

This talk should give some insights about how we at my old employer deploy our apps controlled by an awesome chat robot named hubot (by github). It will also show you how to simply do it the way we did it!