Mark Boas

Hyperaudio - Making Audio a First Class Citizen of the Web


Mark Boas: Hyperaudio - Making Audio a First Class Citizen of the Web from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


Mark writes about, promotes and teaches new and open web technologies. Co-founder of Happyworm - a small web agency and makers of the popular jPlayer ( media framework (made in Edinburgh incidentally).

He enjoys pushing the limits of the browser using HTML5 and JavaScript. Though a generalist at heart, he spends much of his time playing with web based media and real-time communications and is actively involved in helping news organisations world-wide as part of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews initiative.


As a lover of all things audio, passion often drives his work and he's currently enjoying the challenge of taking audio 'somewhere new' with my Hyperaudio ( experiments.

In this talk Mark focusses on what we can do with audio now that it's all grown up and takes a look at what is just around the corner. He'll talk about his work with large media companies as diverse as Al Jazeera and the BBC and his newly formed experimental non-profit. Among other technologies we'll touch on the new Web Audio API standard, WebRTC, live-streaming and mobile audio.