Jason Frame

Livecoding in JS


Jason Frame: Live coding in JS from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


Jason Frame is a Glasgow-based software engineer specialising in exhibition installations and has played key roles delivering internationally recognised projects for names such as Siemens, Bloomberg and his hometown's award-winning Riverside Museum.

Jason began coding when he accidentally typed a command that changed the text colour on his Amstrad CPC back in 1988; since then he hasn't improved much but is still doing it anyway.

When not programming for money, Jason can be found hacking on introspective tools, toy programming languages and game AI. When not programming at all, he tinkers with power tools and old American V8s.


Javascript, with its event-driven nature and integration with the browser, provides an awesome environment for building live-coding environments, allowing programs to be sculpted at runtime with instantaneous feedback.

This talk will demonstrate a number of applications of live-coding, across areas such as web applications and games.