Dominic Tarr

The database of the future: leveldb


Dominic Tarr: The database of the future: leveldb from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


I am a open source hacker, with many modules for realtime data-replication.

I hail from the remote isle of Te Ika A Maui, New Zealand.

Everything I own fits into carry-on luggage.


What if the database was not a black box?

What if the performant hard-core was implemented in C, but a vibrant community could rapidly iterate on the high level features in a dynamic language?

What if you could experiment with all sorts of evented features, a realtime database?

What if that database could be easily installed via npm on any VM, and it ran in the browser?

What if you could have all this and anything else you can build & publish!

You can with leveldb!