Damian Nicholson

Writing (testable | maintainable | scalable | rock solid) JavaScript


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I'm a senior front end developer working for Sage UK, the largest provider of software in the world to small and medium sized businesses.

Prior to this I worked at a number of award winning digital agencies in the North East England, and hold both a BSc and MSc from Newcastle University.


Everyone knows they should be testing their code, but there's a huge gap between knowing and doing. This talk is aimed at beginner and intermediate JavaScript developers looking to bridge that gap, so they're able to test their code effectively and ship with confidence!

Using real life code examples, the following questions will be answered in this talk:

  • What test suite should I use
  • How do I get started testing
  • What should I test
  • How do I test my jQuery
  • What should I not test
  • Why you should do TDD
Some tips and tricks to turbocharge your JavaScript development