Colin Gemmell

Automating with Grunt.js



Colin Gemmell is Web/Application Developer from Glasgow, Scotland.

He has gained a wide range of experience in his time as a developer working on everything from enterprise applications to small promotional web-sites. Starting out first Borland Delphi before graduating to .NET he made the jump to Ruby and Rails and hasn't looked back, yet. Currently working for EmergeAdapt, a Glasgow software startup, he splits his time between working with front end Javascript, Ruby and monitoring the companies growing infrastructure.

A constant presence in the in the Glasgow tech community Colin has spoken a numerous programming and tech events and conferences covering the length and breadth of the UK. He also currently helps runs the Glasgow branch of the Scottish Ruby User Group.


Every language has a build tool, Ruby has rake, .NET has PSake, C has Make and now javascript has Grunt.js, an excellent little build tool for all those javascipt jobs that need to be automated.

This talk will look at the basics of Grunt.js with setting it up to do things like compress javascript and css, compile coffee script, run test and along with using the power of node to automate other tedious tasks.