Boydlee Pollentine

REST Easy With Deployd (Rapid API Creation)


Boydlee Pollentine: REST Easy With Deployd (Rapid API Creation) from Neo (UK) on Vimeo.


Boydlee has spent the last 10+ years working for large corporations and government departments in Australia, as well as successfully running a software development company for a number of years. He now owns and runs a small digital and mobile agency based in Norwich called Tipsy & Tumbler with his partner, Hannah.

An early adoptor of Titanium, he is also a Titan, TCAD and has spoken at numerous events including Mobile Monday, JS Everywhere(), tiConf Europe and London Titanium. He's even written a book about Titanium development (available from Amazon, Packt Publishing and all good book stores and online retailers!).


Deployd is an open source platform, built on NodeJS and MongoDB, that allows you to create custom JSON API's in minutes, not days. In this brief talk, Boydlee will explain what the Deployd platform is and show you how it really is the simplest way to design, build and manage a REST API. We'll create our collections and API interfaces in real time, extending them with custom JavaScript events and explain how you can further customise your Deployd installation using standard NodeJS modules.